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Please contact Dr. Koch for PDF copies of the articles below if you do not have electronic access otherwise.

Please also see Dr. Koch's Google Scholar profile.

Newest first. * = co-first author. Koch lab members in red.


  • A.M. Shuppara, G.C. Padron, A. Sharma, Z. Modi, M.D. Koch, J.E. Sanfilippo (2024) "Fluid flow overcomes antimicrobial resistance by boosting delivery". bioRxiv.

  • V.L. Taylor, M. Shah, P.H. Patel, A. Yusuf, C.M. Burk, Z. Gitai, A.R. Davidson, M.D. Koch, K.L. Maxwell (2024) "Prophages block cell surface receptors to ensure survival of their viral progeny". bioRxiv.

  • E. Han, C. Fei, R. Alert, K. Copenhagen, M.D. Koch, N.S. Wingreen, J.W. Shaevitz (2023) "Local polar order controls mechanical stress and triggers layer formation in developing Myxococcus xanthus colonies". arXiv.

Independent lab







  • M.D. Koch, C. Fei, N.S. Wingreen, J.W. Shaevitz, and Z. Gitai (2021) "Competitive binding of independent extension and retraction motors explains the quantitative dynamics of type IV pili" PNAS

  • R.J. Scheffler, Y. Sugimoto, B.P. Bratton, C.K. Ellison, M.D. Koch, M.S. Donia, Z. Gitai (2021) "Pseudomonas aeruginosa detachment from surfaces via a self-made small molecule". Journal of Biological Chemistry


  • A. Simsek, A. Braeutigam, M.D. Koch, J.W. Shaevitz, Y. Huang, G. Gompper, B. Sabass (2019) "Substrate-rigidity dependent migration of an idealized twitching bacterium". Soft Matter

  • J.E. Sanfilippo*, A. Lorestani*, M.D. Koch, B.P. Bratton, A. Siryaporn, H.A. Stone, Z. Gitai (2019) "Microfluidic-based transcriptomics reveal force-independent bacterial rheosensing". Nature Microbiology



  • J. Roth*, M.D. Koch*, and A. Rohrbach (2018) "Dynamics of a protein chain motor driving helical bacteria under stress". Biophysical Journal

  • M.D. Koch and A. Rohrbach (2018) "Label-free imaging and bending analysis of microtubules by ROCS microscopy and optical trapping". Biophysical Journal

  • M.D. Koch, N. Schneider, P. Nick, and A. Rohrbach (2017) "Single microtubules and small networks become significantly stiffer on short time-scales upon mechanical stimulation". Scientific Reports

  • M.D. Koch and A. Rohrbach (2014) "How to calibrate an object-adapted optical trap for force sensing and interferometric shape tracking of asymmetric structures". Optics Express

  • M.D. Koch, J. Roth, and A. Rohrbach (2014) "Bakterien gefangen im Licht". BIOspektrum (Invited news article)

  • M.D. Koch and A. Rohrbach (2012) "Object-adapted optical trapping and shape-tracking of energy-switching helical bacteria". Nature Photonics

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